Bathroom Remodeling Services in the Treasure Valley

For bathroom remodeling services in the Treasure Valley area, including Boise, Nampa, Meridian, and Caldwell, call us today.

Despite taking up a relatively small percentage of your home’s floor space, your bathroom plays an integral role in your daily life.

At A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, we offer bathroom remodeling solutions in Nampa, ID, that take the inconvenience out of upgrading. Our experienced team can take your bathroom wish list and make it a reality! We’ve made exceeding the standard in customer service our mission.

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Expert Bathroom Remodeling Services

We start every bathroom remodel with extensive planning to determine the project outcomes. During this stage, we consider a wide range of factors, including your budget and preferences for tub style, sink count, toilet size, and more.

The planning phase includes estimates and a timetable so that you know exactly what to expect throughout every step of the remodel.

Once you’ve approved the plans, we’ll get to work removing your old plumbing fixtures, if applicable, and installing the plumbing infrastructure for your new bath, shower, and sink.

Our installation services for bathroom remodeling projects include:

  • Bathroom sink replacement
  • Showerhead and shower installation
  • Toilet replacement
  • Bathtub installation

In some cases, only minor upgrades such as a toilet or bathroom sink repair are necessary to restore your bathroom’s aesthetics and functionality.

Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

  • Increase your home’s resale value: Even a minor bathroom renovation can significantly increase your home’s resale value. By replacing outdated fixtures, you will also generate more interest in your home and sell faster.
  • Save costs: During a remodel, you replace old and defective fixtures that will ramp up your repair and maintenance costs over the long run. Installing eco-friendly and energy-efficient fixtures will also reduce your utility and water bills.
  • Floor space optimization: A bathroom remodel allows you to address an impractical floor layout to optimize your space.
  • Improve your lifestyle: A beautiful bathroom with a modern design that optimizes natural light, clean air, and space will ensure a relaxing morning routine.

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Work with Nampa’s Top Bathroom Renovation Company

At A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, we use the latest technology to provide customers with superior bathroom remodeling solutions. Our licensed technicians undergo rigorous training and drug testing, and we make sure that the area is clean and tidy before wrapping things up.

We only work with leading fixture and material providers to ensure that your new bathroom will not only look fantastic but stand the test of time.

If you need a bathroom remodel contractor in Nampa, ID, you can count on A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing. Give us a call at 208-899-8690 to schedule bathroom remodeling services.