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Your septic tank plays a crucial role in your home. It helps to filter out wastewater and dispose of waste. You should make sure your septic system is maintained to avoid potential of costly repairs or damage to your property.

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Important Details to Know About Septic Tanks

How Does a Septic Tank Work?

First, liquid waste from your house flows into the septic tank, where it undergoes a settlement process and is partially treated by bacteria. Once in the tank, the waste separates into three layers:

A layer sludge or solids that sink to the bottom of the tank

A layer of clear liquid waste, known as effluent

A layer of fats, known as scum, which floats on the surface of the liquid waste

The sludge and scum remain in the tank while the wastewater is allowed out and passes via perforated pipes before it is discharged into the soil. The soil naturally removes nutrients, viruses and harmful bacteria in the wastewater. The Sludge at the bottom of the tank is removed through septic tank pumping.

How Often Should You Clean or Pump Your Septic Tank?

Generally, your septic tank should be pumped or cleaned every 2- 3 years. This is just an estimate as the frequency of pumping will depend on a number of factors, such as water usage levels, the number of occupants living in the household and type of appliances in your home.

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How Do I Know My Septic System is Failing?

You can know your septic tank is failing if you notice the following signs:

  • Bad odors: If your septic tank is not functioning correctly, sewage can travel back up your pipes and produce bad smells.
  • Greener Grass: If there’s greener grass around your septic tank than the rest of your yard, chances are that your septic system needs a replacement.
  • Tank Problems: If your septic tank is frequently overflowing, it means it isn’t disposing of wastewater properly.

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