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Trust A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing for residential plumbing services in the Treasure Valley area, including in Star, Boise, Meridian, and Caldwell.

Faulty plumbing is the bane of any household. Get quick solutions to all your plumbing needs in Star, ID, by contacting A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing today.

A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing - Plumbing Services in Star

We have over two decades of experience improving the comfort, safety, and efficiency of homes throughout the Treasure Valley area. Our services include but are not limited to the repair and installation of:

  • Septic tanks
  • Sewer and water lines
  • Drain fields
  • Fixtures
  • Kitchen plumbing
  • Standard and tankless water heater

We also offer gas and water leak detection. For problem-free plumbing all year round, choose our licensed and highly trained technicians.

See our five-star customer reviews for more about our quality and professionalism.

Plumbing Services with Lasting Results

Being a full-service residential plumber in Star, we handle everything from repairing leaking fixtures to replacing outdated plumbing systems.

Our clearly marked service vans contain everything we need to perform plumbing repairs and installations within a single visit. We also have state-of-the-art diagnostics tools for fulfilling jobs perfectly on the first try.

For a plumber that delivers fantastic results at a fair price and leaves no mess behind, call A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing.

Tank or Tankless Water Heater Installation

A leaking water heater will increase your utility bills, make a mess, and cause other problems. Our technicians have worked on all hot water heater types and brands. Our experience and specialized tools equip us to provide a swift and lasting solution, regardless of the heater issue.

For irreparable heaters, especially one that’s over ten years old, we can recommend a hot water tank replacement. Alternatively, let us upgrade your home by installing a point-of-use water heater.

Also known as a tankless heater, this product delivers constant and instant hot water, making it more energy and cost-efficient than traditional tank heating systems. It also lasts longer than a tank heater, requires less maintenance, and is installable in any room.

Are you worried about the cost of a new water heater? Browse our hassle-free financing options.

Enjoy Clog-Free Plumbing with Expert Drain Cleaning

A blocked drain leaves stagnant water that can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms. It can also lead to a burst sewer pipe, which can cause untold damage to your home.

If your drains are emitting unpleasant odors, flowing slowly, or not at all, you need clogged drain repair. We use hydro-jetting to clean drain pipes without damaging them. For a severe clog, such as one caused by a tree root invasion, we can replace the affected pipes without digging up your yard.

You can also schedule annual drain cleaning to lower the risk of plumbing emergencies and keep your pipes free-flowing.

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For all your plumbing needs in Star, ID, call A+ Drain Cleaning & Plumbing at 208-899-8690 today to discuss your project and schedule services.